Human Resources Support

Professionally kept personnel issues, maintaining confidentiality of data and accurate payroll management is a necessary condition for the proper relationship between the employer and employees. With our help you can be free from responsibilities for payroll and personnel administration. Taking over the duties of hiring, we provide our customers with the opportunity to focus on their business.

ALFASystem specializes in complex management of personnel and payroll issues for corporates. In the HR Department work 3 people. We also provide advice on labor law and assist in optimizing labor costs (for charges paid to ZUS).

Payroll wages on the basis of source documents / records of attendance, sick leave, holiday card

Preparation of strips of pay for each employee

Preparing and submitting monthly account statements to the Social Security, personal monthly reports

Making Social Security forms for each employee - RMUA

Determining the income tax withholding from individuals

Preparation and transmission to the competent authority of the annual tax declarations PIT-4R

Preparation of annual information on workers' incomes (PIT - 11)

Preparation of the annual calculation of tax (PIT - 40)

Preparation of documents concerning the establishment and termination of employment

Registration and deregistration of workers for insurance in the Social Security Office

Maintaining personal files based on current regulations

Keeping all matters related to annual leaves, establishing entitlements to annual leave, annual leave record keeping

Preparing and issuing the necessary personnel records on the employment

Employment services for persons under civil law contracts (contract job, contract work)

Preparation of the current reporting

Help in solving current staffing issues within the company

Preparing of all kinds of information on employment for the Board (s)