Accounts of individuals, bookkeeping


Bookkeeping, accounting, individuals and private companies paying income tax on individuals in general, by paying a flat tax. PIT-5L, and paying a lump sum on registered taxpayers on the tax card.



Tax revenue and expense Book


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Ewidencje przychodów (ryczałt)


Model of cooperation agreement download



Tax on Goods and Services VAT



Records of fixed assets



Preparation of balance sheets, income statements and audits



Preparation of statistical information



Preparation of annual statements


For our customers (and their spouses), the service is charge free.



Establishment, registration and liquidation of companies


Before deciding to launch a business you should seek advice on choosing the legal form of business or even a form of taxation. Remember, the decision you will make, will have effects for the whole year and it is extremely difficult to change it at the time of the year. The liquidation of the company may cause a lot of questions. We are able to answer all of them. And most importantly, advise how to most preferably set up or liquidate a company



Transforming activities of individuals and firms

Into partnerships and commercial companies



Inspection and moving arrears


You are not sure whether your bookkeeping is done properly? Or perhaps your accountant can not do it well. We will review all of the documentation and we will take over the responsibility. Our experience allows us to conclude that the saying "once bitten, twice," is working. Very often, taxpayers come to the offices of accounting services, when it is too late, during or after the inspection. Often it is too late to take any action on our part.

Think about it, do not be one of them.



Representation during tax audits


Through the power of attorney that you grant us, we represent you during any inspection. You have peace of mind, control comes directly to us. Proxy example download



Writing appeals and other letters to the offices and Chambers of Tax and Treasury Control Offices.