We offer a full range of services relating to accounting and taxes, which can meet the needs of each client.

An interesting form of services is the listed above, audit and tax client. This can be a single service - for example, a customer wanting to check whether the accounting documents, provided by himself or his accounting services, for the reporting period are done properly for possible control, that always can happen from the Tax Office or the Office of Fiscal Control. This is a great opportunity to verify their own accountant or financial and accounting services. In addition, this is the only opportunity to make corrections of documents and declaration even before the tax audit.

Another form of the same service is a fixed monthly inspection and checking of documents before the closing and settlement of the month. It is particularly beneficial for companies with not developed accounting services, because service is not just about checking the accounts, but primarily on the ongoing cooperation with the companies accountant. It involves consulting - advising how to post and how to account for certain economic events. This form of cooperation in spite of appearances is particularly appreciated by our clients and their accountants because it is not instructing or controlling, in its negative sense, but simply an cooperation with the company accountant, which provides support during his very difficult and responsible work. This service gives you the opportunity to complete the missing accounting jobs in the accounting services of the company, which for obvious reasons, often can not afford to employ the entire staff of professionals.

The Office of Advice Accounting and Taxes works with clients in cities such as Wroclaw, Głogów, Lubin, Legnica, Jawor, Prochowice, Chojnów, Świdnica and Walbrzych. Leading all the tax and accounting matters, our office does not put the company before a fait accompli by informing her that she must pay a specified amount of tax. We use the so-called tax hybridization, we aim to optimize taxes. Before closing the month, we announce the amount of taxes that the client would eventually have to pay for the clearance of the month, for example withholding tax or the payment of VAT for the months, so it is a linear increase, not a jump.

All of you are welcome to use the services of our company.

Anna and Arthur Borodacz